Our fourth year standing kettle for The Salvation Army has been just as fulfilling and exciting as last year and those that came before. Support of faithful friends and family members has meant the world! More families than ever before will be helped by The Salvation Army this year thanks to kettle donations. The Home Ownership Industry is an amazing force of strong-willed and incredibly giving people! We thank you all!

In appreciation of all those who volunteered their time, Those Callaways ran three full page ads in The Arizona Republic listing all the members of the Home Ownership Industry who rang the bell for The Salvation Army.

Were you involved this year? Find your name! Click on each Ad to view the LARGE full-page version.


Callaways NPA 123016 TSA FBP

The Arizona Republic

Run Date: 12/30/16


Callaways NPA 123016 TSA NW

The Arizona Republic РNorthwest Valley

Run Date: 12/30/16


Callaways NPA 123016 TSA SE

The Arizona Republic – Southeast Valley

Run Date: 12/30/16