A holiday warmth…

…filled the private room at Capital Grille, a picture-perfect setting, stately yet welcoming. Resplendent in glorious shimmer and shine, our table was set for 26 and dressed in completely captivating red and white and cheer all over. One look and we could all hear silver bells jingle gently in our heads, as if a soundtrack of the afternoon to come.

Side by side we sat. Co-workers, friends and family gathered to enjoy time together away from shoot schedules and due dates, inspections and deadlines. Secret Santa spawned a wealth of candles, a wedge of gourmet cheese, a David Bowie coloring book (because, why not?!), plentiful pairs of socks and a single blue toaster. Funny stories, fine food and belly laughs were shared.

From Our Table to Yours, Merry Christmas

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