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From creating synchronized bell harmonies to busting a move with both hands ringing, we found so many wonderful people standing kettle for the 6th annual Real Estate Wednesdays. The cutest bell ringer helped us at Nordstrom Fashion square while some brilliant ladies “rang people in” and “rang people out” of Fry’s. There was laughter, music and even a Santa sighting!

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True Story: Years ago, JoAnn told me I had to put money in the kettle going in and coming out of each store. I did fine until one day at Dillard’s Fashion Square. I patted my pockets and made a hopeless face. JoAnn said, “I’ll wait.” She sat on a boulder and that’s the day I found out that you cannot get one-dollar bills from an ATM. – Joseph Callaway


This, our 6th annual Real Estate Wednesdays, we raised $202,535 for The Salvation Army thanks to every incredible member of the Home Ownership Industry that we are proud to be a part of. We are overwhelmed by the smiling faces we saw ringing the bells and the generous volunteers of time well-spent. THANK YOU!

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