About the Authors

JoAnn Callaway

Sold more than four thousand homes totaling in excess of a billion dollars. She accomplished this in her first ten years selling real estate and she did it one client at a time. She is proud to be a REALTOR® and believes her fellow agents share her heart for helping others. She loves flowers, art, books and Joseph. JoAnn lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and wishes it had a beach.



Joseph Callaway

Is the author of countless advertisements, newspaper pages, magazine layouts, flyers, blog posts, manuals, property profiles and thousands of real estate contracts. He surfed Dana Point, California before the Army Corps of Engineers built the breakwater and he loves JoAnn very much.


Those Callaways Up Close

Those Callaways are 22 licensed agents with a two word mission statement – “Clients First.” Practicing what Those Callaways see as the future of real estate, the client is kept at the center of the transaction and provided with an expert at each step of the real estate process. This empowers each client and keeps them in charge. JoAnn Callaway still negotiates every contract, Kelly Callaway still lists every home and Joseph Callaway still creates every advertisement. At Those Callaways clients are treated to holiday cards, blog contests and continuous fun. Clients return to Those Callaways and recommend their family and friends every day.