Melissa M. Shapiro

“Once again, Those Callaways were true to form in S.A. – Super and Amazement, a book I could not put down from cover to cover. All I ever needed to know to help real estate professionals take their business to the highest level is written in these pages. Super Agent is a true testament to real estate professionals sharpening…

Michael J. Orr

“JoAnn and Joseph Callaway have mastered how to run a thriving real estate business while remaining true to their principles and loved and admired by clients, colleagues and competitors.  Super Agent shares their techniques and guiding principles in a way that any agent can put into practice.  Following their advice will help an agent give better service to their…

Andrew and Mandi Monaghan

“Joseph and JoAnn understand the heart and soul of real estate.  Not only is their leadership and results in the business something to be admired and respected, their partnership both in marriage and business is a treasured example for others.  They are a true service to everyone they come in contact with from the agent starting to grow to…

Sarah Petty & Erin Verbeck

Absolute cheers! Joseph and JoAnn Callaway have proven that a boutique mindset can be applied to any type of business and within any industry. This is a story and an example of success that should not only be applauded in real estate, but every business.

Ron Kaufman

Clients First is a deeply personal story about the true meaning of uplifting service. This book is proof-positive that service can be your sustainable strategy for success.

Jay Thompson

I’ve been a “competing broker” in JoAnn and Joseph Callaway’s market for several years. I wish all of the competition was like this–willing to share and help others grow. They make our industry a better place. Read this book.

Lynn Effinger

In their remarkable new business book, Clients First, Joseph and JoAnn Callaway clearly and precisely answer the often asked question, ‘What is the secret to your incredible success?’ Knowing that in real estate, just as in so many other industries, that there is really no ‘secret’ to success, JoAnn and Joseph nonetheless explain the three keys that led to…

Brian Tracy

This wonderful book gives you a proven, step-by-step process to build wonderful client relationships, keep them coming back, and give you an endless chain of good referrals.

Sharon Lechter

Albert Einstein once said, “It is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service.” In Clients First, JoAnn and Joseph Callaway demonstrate how living the ideal of service has not only created the great success in their lives…but share how you can apply it to create success in your own life. Along…

Brian Buffini

JoAnn and Joseph have put together practical and powerful real world information that’s going to help you think about your business, your customers and your life differently. I’d recommend this book to anybody who wants to build a great business, great relationships and live a great life.

Ken Blanchard

This book really hits home with me. I’ve always said that legendary customer service shouldn’t be rocket science. If you treat your clients well, they will become raving fans. They’ll come back again and again, sing your praises to their friends, and your sales will multiply. Joseph and JoAnn Callaway get it—and their Clients First philosophy is the reason…

Jay Conrad Levinson

If you look upon the title of this book not as two words but as one omnipotent idea, then live by that idea, you’ll be doing what this wonderful book wants you to do.