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Nine years ago you hired me on as one of your Transaction Coordinators. I was fresh out of Real Estate School, with no experience whatsoever buying and selling houses, but you believed in me and took me under your wing. You filled me with knowledge and skills that allowed me to grow as an Agent and as a person….


First and foremost, thank you for staying in touch. From the moment I met you both, I felt a connection. And you know Marge is your biggest fan, too.

Second, one of you owes me about 4 hours of sleep. I got home from a business trip last night and found your new book on my doorstep. I made the…

Jack Jensen

I have personally known Joseph and JoAnn for over 8 years. They and their business have also been customers of the Bank for the same length of time. Both their personal and business relationship with the Bank has always been handled in an exemplary manner. Further, many of the Bank’s employees have had the opportunity to be clients of…


I have known JoAnn and Joseph Callaway for over ten years. We first met when our CPA firm started preparing their corporate and personal tax returns. It has been an enjoyable working relationship.

I have always been impressed with their professional expertise within the real estate industry.

They have an amazing group of talented real estate professionals who work for them….


“Meeting with JoAnn Callaway is like being in a room with Nelson Mandela; she has a quiet greatness about her.”-Richie Laser

Wow! When I heard this from Richie, it really summed it all up. I first met Joseph and JoAnn Callaway in 1996. They were brand new to the Real Estate Industry. I was their first Escrow Officer. I have…

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In the years that I have been doing business with Those Callaways, I have found them to be the absolute “cream of the crop” of REALTORS®. The reasons they excel are numerous, but one specific characteristic is always prevalent and that is that they take the time to communicate with their clients. It’s a very simple step…


I have had the pleasure of working with Joseph and JoAnn Callaway since they first entered the Real Estate industry. It has been inspiring to watch their growth over the last fourteen years to an impressive team of thirty!

One of my fondest first memories of Joseph was him noticing that an FSBO flyer box was empty. He designed flyers…


Wow! So how would I describe Joseph and JoAnn Callaway? Well let’s start with the fact that I was their broker for 15 years. I could say I helped them along, but really I helped more by staying out of the way and watching them develop. I was available when they needed me, which wasn’t often, but I saw they were…

Billy Jensen

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter introducing Joseph and JoAnn Callaway. I have had the privilege of knowing them for over twenty years. I have worked with countless real estate professionals in numerous states over the course of my career and I have never met two individuals who are as hard-working, professional, caring, and…


I am pleased to write this letter regarding my experience with Joseph and JoAnn Callaway, who are affectionately known as “Those Callaways.” I have been practicing law here in the Valley of the Sun for more than 30 years, and my practice is highly concentrated in the area of representing and defending real estate agents and companies who are…


Who were those people behind all of those “for sale” signs in 85254 with the big bold letters “Those Callaways?” Well I was going to find out somehow, someway and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

I met JoAnn and Joseph Callaway in 1998 when I was a fairly new loan officer with New West Lending, Inc. It…


From day one, my relationship with Joseph and JoAnn Callaway has been a wonderful experience. I am continually impressed by the scope of their business, their attention to detail, and the loving relationship they share that makes every interaction with them pleasant.

Those Callaways have built an incredible and very successful business based on one principle: Clients First. I have…


I have been an active and licensed REALTOR® for over 39 years. In these many years I have been a listing/selling associate, a branch manager, a trainer, and a designated broker. I mention that because I have worked with many other REALTORS® and real estate licensees in these various roles over this period of time. I have Read More