A Buyer’s Agent is a choice you get to make. Do you want an Agent of Choice™ or an agent of chance?

I want to choose my representation and would like Those Callaways to show me what they will do for me.

Agent of Choice™ or Agent of Chance?

8 + 15 =

Your Those Callaways Agent of Choice will listen to your needs, wants, hopes and dreams and then guide you, advise you and prepare you. They can get you pre-qualified with a lender of your choice. They will get you in to see as many homes as possible in the least time and on your schedule. If your time is limited your Those Callaways Agent of Choice can preview homes for you. When you are ready to make an offer, they will do the research so you know the homes history and comparable neighborhood pricing. And when you make a deal they will guide you through the other 90% of real estate – escrow.

Agent of Choice™

Is there a better way? Yes, you can choose your representation up front. You can meet with agents and choose someone you like, someone you feel confident in and someone you can rely on.

At Those Callaways, your Agent of Choice is free. At no cost to you. Plus your Those Callaways Agent of Choice can show you all homes available for sale.


  • Your Those Callaways Agent of Choice can show you all new or resale homes listed online and on the MLS.
  • Your Those Callaways Agent of Choice can show you all resale homes offered as For Sale by Owner.
  • Your Those Callaways Agent of Choice can show you all new homes offered by new homebuilders.

Agent of Chance

Did you know that buyers of real estate often end up with a stranger representing them? It’s true. And in many cases a buyer ends up with no representation at all. How can this happen? It’s really the buyer’s choice.

  • If you just call the agent who’s number is on a for sale sign or click on an agents listing online, you have elected to have that agent, someone you’ve never even met, represent you on that property.
  • If you knock on the door of a For Sale by Owner, you may find yourself on your own with no one representing you at all. No one is making sure all the right questions are asked and answered, all the right inspections are completed and all the paperwork is correct.
  • When you pop in to a builder’s model homes, that builder’s agent becomes your only advisor through a long and complicated process.