Clients First Service


When we first started in Real Estate, we had no clients and no calls. But the minute we had two clients, and if they both called at the same time, we had to decide who to put first and who to put second. This dilemma was solved by creating a team of licensed agents with expertise at each step of the real estate process. Each of these agents is empowered to take care of any client at any time. They follow one rule – Put the Clients First. Our New York Times Best Selling book, “Clients First – The Two-Word Miracle“, identifies Three Keys to putting you first:

  1. Honesty – If all decisions are yours, you must have good information to make them.
  2. Competence – Our zero tolerance for mistakes is supported by our redundant systems for excellence.
  3. Care – All we care about is what is best for our clients. With that one measurement, we can put you first.

This Clients First team system and philosophy inspired our Clients First Rewards programs. These rewards are our thank you for the opportunity to serve your Real Estate needs.

Q – Does this mean I will be delegated to an assistant?

A – No! Every team member is a REALTOR Partner working for you. Every contract is negotiated by a family Broker. Every call is answered and every client has a copy of JoAnn’s cell phone, Joseph’s cell phone, Kelly’s cell phone, and Joe’s cell phone. You are never delegated. We put you first.