Free Home Staging


Staged homes sell quick and for more money. Staging is all about the buyer’s perception – what that prospect sees. Our stager starts at the curb, spends time at that critical first ten feet in the door and then goes room to room with a buyer’s eye. Our stager may actually make a few changes with the seller’s consent but then provides our client with a list of suggestions which the client then has the option to do or not do. It is amazing the transformation staging makes.

At Those Callaways, we put our seller first and as a thank you for making us your listing agent, we are pleased to have our stager place your home in the best possible light.

Q –  Does the stager bring furniture?

A –  Our stager works with existing furnishings, helping the homeowners with those constant questions – Should this stay or should this go? Often, less is more and the stager is the perfect resource when it comes to de-cluttering.

Q –  Our home is vacant. Should we rent furniture?

A –  We seldom recommend this solution. There are many things to do before going this route.

Further questions? Just contact us and we can help!