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Sellers wanting to sell for top dollar stand behind their home and nothing projects confidence like giving the buyer a 12-month Home Warranty. In fact, even if you don’t offer a home warranty up front, most buyers will include a request for a seller paid home warranty in their offer. This home warranty can run from $400 to $1,000 depending on the size of the home.

At Those Callaways, we put our seller first and as a thank you for making us your listing agent, we are pleased to pay for a home warranty that can be sold as both a buyer benefit when you are on the market and as a buyer reassurance when you close.

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Q –  How is the home warranty a benefit to me as the seller?

A –  We like to call it “Walk Away Insurance”. When something breaks (and it will), the buyer doesn’t even think about the seller. They just call the home warranty company.

Q –  What if I don’t give the buyer a home warranty?

A –  It wasn’t so long ago that home warranties dod not exist, and a common phrase was “post-closing litigation” because that buyer was positive that the seller knew the air conditioner was about to fail. Today, such disputes are much reduced.

Q –  What all is covered when Those Callaways pay for the home warranty?

A –  Those Callaways pay for full coverage including air conditioning, pool, spa, and built-in appliances. Additional coverage for roof (if available) or washer and dryer are customarily paid for by the buyer.

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