Free Window Washing


At our first listing, 6,000 homes and 22 years ago, JoAnn looked at the windows and said “If we are going to get this home sold for top dollar, we will need the glass to sparkle.”. We sold that home in three weeks and have included window washing on every listing since.

At Those Callaways, we put our seller first and as a thank you for making us your listing agent, we are pleased to pay for having the windows washed and making the glass sparkle.

Q –  Is this a Windex and paper towel job?

A –  No. We use a professional window washer on all our homes.

Q –  What about high windows?

A –  He is a professional and has ladders.

Q –  What about porch lights?

A –  He does carriage lights and porch lights in the entry. The whole idea is a great first impression.

Q –  What about the screens?

A –  Our window washer will remove  your screens and park them in the garage for the buyer to reinstall. We find homes sell better when they are light and bright.


Further questions? Just contact us and we can help!