We LOVE Halloween!

At Those Callaways, we always cherish spending time with our loved ones. Every holiday is truly a special occasion. It’s another opportunity to celebrate with family and friends!

This year will be our 22nd Halloween party at Those Callaways. From spooky skeletons, cob webs and witches to a delicious three-course meal with loved ones, Those Callaways sure knows how to throw a party.

Looking back, JoAnn & Joseph didn’t always have extravagant holiday parties.

“We didn’t have much money when our children were younger. There were times when we couldn’t afford costumes, so we would use our creativity by decorating t-shirts together. We had fun sharing this experience with our daughters, and to this day – it is a cherished memory that will never be forgotten.” – Joseph

“We have always loved Halloween because of our children. Their faces would light up with joy and excitement as Halloween was right around the corner. As a parent, that truly touches your heart in so many ways.” – JoAnn

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