Tis the season to not be on
the market. Let’s decorate and
wait for the New Year. Right?

Oh no, say the agents who know.
The holidays are one of the
best times to get sold. Here’s why.

Supply – Inventory drops like your
car keys tossed from the observation
deck at the Grand Canyon. Like the
folks above, many sellers wait to
list and many sellers on the market
decide to take a break. The result
is a much depleted supply of
homes on the market.

Demand – The thing about showing
homes in December is the absence
of the casual looker. If folks are out
there looking, they are serious.
Many are in a hurry. After all, life
goes on, jobs get transferred, not
everybody is shopping at the mall.

What does this mean to you?
If you want to sell your home,
now is a good time. Come January
and February, the competition
gets stiff as all those waiting to
list, rush to market.

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