Maintaining Home Value

It is crucial to know your home’s value. Most people don’t understand that there is a major difference between maintenance and remodeling. Deferred maintenance can reduce the value of a home, creating a fixer upper. Homeowner’s who maintain their home protect themselves from this loss.

Home Inspections

While a buyer will have inspection done during their inspection period (usually the first 10 days of escrow), a homeowner can order an inspection prior to going on the market so that they can address deficiencies and make affordable corrections.

Home Warranties

A way to manage your maintenance costs, is to purchase a home warranty. It’s like an equalizer for repair issues.


The most common types of roofs in Arizona include tile, single and foam. Regardless of the type, regular maintenance is crucial to avoid larger, more costly issues down the road. Most roofers will inspect your roof at little or no charge to determine if maintenance is required.


Painting a home’s exterior protects the finishes from the ravages of rain.

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