The Summer Selling Season sizzles with smart sellers and urgent buyers.

At Those Callaways, summer means many buyers wanting to make a move before school starts in August.  Add to that the thousands of families moving from colder climates to Arizona because their homes finally sold with the Spring thaw.  Finally, graduation season creates empty nesters looking to downsize.  All this adds up to greater demand.  These Buyers want a home and they want it right now.

Bear in mind that all this added demand is on top of a very healthy residential resale market.

What does this mean for Sellers?  More dollars and faster dollars.  “Some homes sell in the summer that would otherwise sit on the market in the Fall or Winter”, says JoAnn Callaway.  “We gear up for summer and it never disappoints.”

If you are thinking of buying or selling your home, call Those Callaways at 480-596-5751.  They will assess your home’s sell-ability, estimate your home’s value, and work hard for you.

Strike while the iron and the days are hot and make your American Dreams come true.