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The History of Scottsdale’s 85254 Zip Code

Development of the 85254 zip code progressed over a 40-year period from the mid-50’s to the mid-90’s.

The Cholla Corridor was the first to blossom in the mid-1950’s as a northward extension of the town of Paradise Valley. Orange Tree Golf Club, with its large luxury lots, is a prime example of that growth. The Cholla Corridor reflects the transition from luxury to upper- middle-class homes.

The Sweetwater Corridor was built out following the Cholla Corridor. The first homes north of Cactus date back to 1959 with the last subdivisions completed in the early Eighties. While there are a few acre lots, the trend was toward higher density as builders foresaw a limit of developable land south of the Central Arizona Project canals. Still, half- to three-quarter-acre lots were the norm with a few quarter-acre developments as well. A highlight of the Sweetwater Corridor is the large Sereno Park at 56th and Sweetwater and Desert Shadows Elementary and Middle Schools.

The Acoma Corridor came after the Sweetwater Corridor with predominantly quarter-acre lots and the construction of Horizon High School in 1980.  The eastern portion remained undeveloped for years as that land was tied up in the Kierland estate..

The Paradise Corridor came quickly on the heels of the Acoma Corridor as family homes surrounded the high school throughout the Eighties. Like the Acoma Corridor, a large portion of the land to the east side was tied up in court until the early Nineties when the Kierland plan was approved and executed.

Development North of Bell completed the 85254 zip code in the Nineties. The last large tract between Tatum Road and 52nd Street is scheduled for development in 2019 by D.R. Horton homes.


(Continue Reading)  The 85254 ZIP Code is uniquely located and enjoys what some call an embarrassment of riches. No other ZIP Code can claim the diversity of living accommodations and the range of amenities offered in the Magic ZIP Code.

85254 has no traffic snarls with 4 major north/south roads (Tatum 56th Street, 64th Street and Scottsdale Rd.) and 5 east/west arterials – (Bell, Greenway, Thunderbird, Cactus and Shea). The resulting mile square grids provide quiet sheltered neighborhoods.

Within our ZIP Code, we have a police station, a fire house, a high school, 4 middle schools, 6 elementary schools and 5 private schools. We have 19 churches, 3 golf courses, the Westin Resort, 13 parks, a tennis club, an equestrian center, 4 super markets, 7 super fueling stations, a health club, office complexes and shopping centers.

We have fine dining, breakfast/lunch spots, and fast food from Taco Bell to In-N-Out Burger. Ethnic choices range from Mexican, to Italian, to Chinese. We even have several vegan options.

We have acre lots to condos, gated communities to planned communities to neighborhoods with no homeowner associations at all. You can buy in 85254 from the low hundreds to over a million, and you can do it with confidence that values will stay strong.

Adjacent to our Magic ZIP Code, and we are only talking across the street, we have a regional enclosed mall, an executive airport, a Harkins theater, an auto mall, an industrial park and more.

We have freeways only 3 miles away in 3 directions, which is just close enough for quick access without the pollution.

Fun fact. We heard this story right from a client who was there at the time. For many years, Thunderbird Road stopped 2 blocks short of Scottsdale Road. For some reason lost to time, neither the City of Phoenix or Scottsdale had this shortfall on their priority list. Then one night, two neighbors who each owned their own construction businesses, including heavy equipment, got together at sundown and by the time the sun rose the next day, there were two blocks of fresh blacktop all the way from 70th Street to Scottsdale Road. The connection now made with heavy traffic already using the road, the cities had little choice but to scratch their heads and maintain the bandit road.

Yes, 85254 is magic and we look forward to exploring the magic here in the months to come. If you have a Magic ZIP Code Story, send an email to