“Look at those windows.” JoAnn said, “Do you think it’s safe?” Ever the assurer, I said, “Of course. It’s not like they’re broken.”


It was an awful house, but we were newly licensed and these folks wanted to sell. Once we sat down, we learned of their setbacks. They had bought the home as a fixer upper several years prior and just never had the money to fix it up. They were embarrassed and worried. A neighbor had made them a very low offer. They worried that was all they might get.


JoAnn said, “Well, the first thing we are going to do is wash the windows.” And we’ve washed thousands of windows since. JoAnn recognized that even though the house was a disaster – bad roof, bad pool plaster, tired carpet and old paint – clean windows would send a message of pride.


Of course, we didn’t stop with the windows. We got a landscaper to clean up the yard and we scrubbed the kitchen and baths. We wrote the MLS remarks extolling the opportunity and it sold in a week for twice the neighbor’s offer. Remarkably, most of the prospective buyers said the home was better than they expected when they read about it on the computer. The windows made the right first impression.


Today, we still do the windows, and for every home we bring in a professional stager to tell us what the buyer sees. Sometimes she moves the furniture; sometimes she suggests packing up some things. Sometimes she suggests a tile repair or painting the front door, but she always makes a huge difference. She creates a first impression.


If you are thinking about selling, call Those Callaways. We will get you top dollar. We will get you sold. We will wash your windows.


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