Clients First – The Two Word Miracle


New York Times Best Seller and Wall Street Journal Number One Business Book. Unlock your potential.




Every decade or so, a book comes along that changes our thoughts, our expectations, and the game of business itself. This is Clients First.

Halfway through their lives, despite their ambition and drive, Joseph and JoAnn Callaway found themselves broke and no further along than the day they graduated from high school. Then they discovered the two-word miracle, Clients First, and their lives were transformed. In the next ten years, the Callaways sold $1 billion in real estate—a feat never before achieved in such a short time, and made even more remarkable as this period spanned both the real estate bubble and the devastating bust—proving that the Clients First principle works in any market.

Through real life stories, Joseph and JoAnn reveal how Clients First can be your two-word miracle. You will learn how three ordinary things—honesty, competence, and caring—become the three keys to extraordinary success. You’ll read proven advice that shows you:

• How complete honesty builds unshakable client relationships
• How total competence exceeds client expectations
• How unwavering care creates client advocates
• How to make, speak, and keep the commitment to put your clients first
• How to get yourself out of the way, control your ego, put faith in others, give to get, let the work be the reward, and much more.

Before you finish Clients First, you may find yourself already changed. You will unlock your potential, and life’s rewards, by putting Clients First.

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