The Real Estate For Rehabilitation Story

In 2012

Joseph and JoAnn wrote a book. Real Estate agents in Scottsdale since 1996, they wanted to share their unique reason for their success. This book, Clients First: The Two World Miracle, became a New York Times Best Seller in 22 days, catapulting Those Callaways into the National Spotlight.
Attracted to the book’s message of honesty, competence and care, The Salvation Army invited Joseph and JoAnn to join the Army’s Phoenix Advisory Board.


As part of this process, the Callaways toured the Adult Rehabilitation Center and warehouse. Joseph and JoAnn learned that the Salvation Army accepts people suffering from addiction into a free six month program. They feed them, house them, clothe them and restore them to productive lives, and they do it for not one penny. They also learned that this life saving effort was entirely paid for through the sale of donated goods.

Deeply Moved

Joseph and JoAnn realized that everyone they knew was moving. The Home Ownership Industry was in a unique position to fill those trucks.

Joseph and JoAnn started Real Estate for Rehabilitation in Phoenix asking Title Companies to place small 2″ tall model trucks along with Moving Cards in their closing rooms and on reception counters.

Starting with Old Republic Title the effort grew rapidly.

In two years, over 300 various Title Company offices were on board helping clients with their unwanted items.

The impact of this program on the Phoenix Adult Rehabilitation Center has been spectacular. A once struggling warehouse is now overflowing. The men’s program has more than doubled and they have begun a women’s unit. This remarkable life changing effort is a result of our Home Ownership Industry efforts.

Today, this program is expanding nationally to more than 120 metropolitan markets with Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

Joseph and JoAnn are asking agents, brokers, lenders, title officers and affiliates to get involved in this fundraising effort.

“We can save lives,” JoAnn says, “We can restore families and we can do it as a community.”


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