2014 Suns Tickets Winner_BLOGCongratulations to all who have won FRONT ROW SUNS tickets  – right behind the Suns bench! –  plus a free parking pass to the game!

We hope you and the lucky person you chose to join you had a wonderful time at the game. Go Suns!

See below for past and current winners.

1) Game Attended 10/29/14: Phoenix Suns v. Los Angeles Lakers

Winners:  Patty and Gordon R.

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 104
Jazz – 101

Total – 205

Congratulations! Patty and Gordon were spot on with the total and had the correct winning team.


2) Game Attended 11/5/14: Phoenix Suns v. Memphis Grizzlies

Winners:  Ryan E.

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 101
Jazz – 109

Total – 210

Congratulations Ryan! His total was only one away along with 11 others. Only two had the Jazz winning and Ryan’s team scores were the closest.


3) Game Attended 11/9/14: Phoenix Suns v. Golden State Warriors

Winners:  Darren & Julia O.

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 98
Grizzlies – 95

Total – 193

Congratulations Darren and Julia! Their total was exactly right. What a guess!


4) Game Attended 11/12/14: Phoenix Suns v. Brooklyn Nets

Winners:  Paul & Janae C.

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 102
Warriors – 100

Total – 202

Congratulations Paul and Janae!  They guessed the final total score correctly and had the Suns winning as well.


5) Game Attended 11/26/14: Phoenix Suns v. Orlando Magic

Winners:  George and Helen S.

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 123
Nuggets – 108

Total – 231

Congratulations George and Helen! Their total guess was only one off and they had the Suns winning.  Go Suns!


6) Game Attended 12/9/14: Phoenix Suns v. Miami Heat

Winners:  Michelle F.

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 98
Rockets – 96

Total – 194

What a contest this was!  The result came down to the third tie breaker and Michelle won by 1 point.  Congratulations and enjoy the game!


7) Game Attended 1/2/15: Phoenix Suns v. Philadelphia 76ers

Winners:  Gary & Wanda C

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 114
Lakers – 108

Total – 222

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Our latest Suns ticket winner was only 1 point away from the total and nearly guessed each score correctly as well.

8) Game Attended 1/28/15: Phoenix Suns v. Washington Wizards

Winners:  Paul C

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 111
Clippers – 109

Total – 220

A very special congratulations to Paul, our first ever to guess the winning answer twice.  Have a blast at the game!


9) Game Attended 1/28/15: Phoenix Suns v. Houston Rockets

Winners:  Gary B

Contest Game Winning Entry:

Suns – 95
Trail Blazers – 100

Total – 195

We are very pleased to announce our latest Suns winner was another exact guess.  Enjoy the game!


** Note: Invitations to enter each contest are emailed to all eligible parties. Please see email for entry guidelines.