Most folks begin looking at homes without a plan, resulting in a flood of emotions and confusion after seeing more than one or two homes. Make copies of this list and then make notes for each home you visit.


1. Do I like it from the curb? Every time you go out, you will return to this home, these neighbors, this street. Is this a home you can be proud of? Will you be pleased to receive family and friends here?


2. Do I like what I see from the front door? There is a saying in the real estate profession that most buyers make a decision five feet inside the front door. Even though you will more likely come and go from the garage, this first impression is everything.


3. Will my furniture fit? Think dressers, sofas, sectionals and the dining room. Are you prepared to sell some items or buy others?


4. Can I see myself in the kitchen? This is the heart of the home and a family crossroad. If you cook, after closing is not a good time to find out the dishwasher is in the wrong place.


5. Will we use the backyard or just look at it from the windows? This is where you get closer to the neighbors. How is the space? How is the privacy?


The home hunting experience is a wonderful adventure filled with self-discovery. You will find that with each home you view, your vision of the perfect home for you becomes more clear and when you find it, you will know.