Selling Your Home

Those Callaways Team is a professional family of Licensed REALTORS®

With over 25 years of Real Estate experience and nearly 7,000 homes SOLD, Those Callaways have the knowledge and experience to make your Real Estate sale quick, easy and stress-free. Our team of Agents and Brokers puts you at the center of your Real Estate transaction. You go through every step with confidence that your decisions are carried out, deadlines are met, contingencies are satisfied, your desires are fulfilled, and all with your goals being our first priority.

  • Your Contract Agent explains the terms of the offer in full detail, discusses all potential options and advocates for YOUR terms at negotiation.
  • Your Listing Agent is your money-maker and will guide you to a list price and sales plan to maximize YOUR money.
  • Your Marketing Agent creates a tailored marketing plan individually designed to show off the best parts of YOUR home.
  • Your Field Agent is a property specialist and will help with everything from vacant home property checks if you are out of town, to curb appeal, inspections and minor repairs. They are at YOUR service.
  • Your Closing Agent is your guide through the complex closing process. They ensure you understand every step and that all deadlines are met so that YOUR home closes!

Clients First Experience

Why do so many people choose Those Callaways?

Because we put our Clients First! In fact, our Mission Statement is two words – “Clients First”. It’s all about you. It’s all about your needs, desires, hopes and dreams.

In addition to our Mission Statement, we operate under the guiding principles of the “Three Keys”.  These Three Keys, as written by JoAnn and Joseph Callaway in their New York Times Best-selling book, “Clients First – The Two-Word Miracle“, are:

  1. Honesty – If all decisions are yours, you must have correct information to make them.
  2. Competence – Our zero tolerance policy for mistakes is supported by our redundant systems for excellence.
  3. Care – All we care about is what is best for our clients. With that one measurement, we can put you first.

Our Team of licensed REALTORS® and Brokers puts YOU at the center of your transaction.  We use our vast marketing arsenal to showcase your home to the world.


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Our Exclusive Marketing

You will get to experience all that we do to get you a ‘SOLD’ sign. From Newspaper ads to Television ads to Magazine ads to Internet Marketing to Property Full-Color Flyers to E-Campaigns, we do it all for You and make your home FAMOUS!

I Am Convinced! Contact Me About Selling My Home!

Request Your Home’s Value  |  CMA

We feel you should know what’s happening with your home’s value. It’s smart to know where you stand and, chances are, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise! The value of your home plays a vital role in your financial well-being and our mission is to help you understand all the factors that go into determining, maintaining and increasing your home’s value. We provide you with all the options available to you as the homeowner.

We can also help you with questions about what should and should not be done to prepare the home for sale.

Anyone considering selling should take advantage of the options below.

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